What is Lockers?

Lockers is "Experimental Social Everything". Lockers is what would happen if ikiwiki and Facebook hooked up and had mutant babies.

  • Experimental: Lockers is build using a hierarchical, versioned database (i.e. version control system). This is completely unusual for a web-based application; generally a relational database is used instead. ikiwiki pioneered this approach and it works OK for them; why not for everything else?

  • Social: Lockers is fundamentally built around the idea of you and your community. "Hidden" pages are generally available to anyone in the community (i.e. anyone who has logged in). [NOTE: not actually implemented yet!]

  • Everything: Lockers aims to satisfy all your web-based cravings -- board games, photo albums, events coordination, wiki and forums. [NOTE: just photo albums yet!]

This is going on your permanent record.

Everything is stored forever in Lockers. If you change a file, the old version is stored. All versions of all files are stored like this, forever.

Tell me more.

Lockers 0.1.0, the apallingly primitive first version of Lockers, is finally released! You can get it here. Building on the results of the vcs-shootout, it uses git as a backend and has a ton of dependencies -- docutils, django templates (included in contrib/, so it's not necessary to fetch separately), PIL, paste, WebOb, jpegtran, git, and so on. Read the source for more details.

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