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Why are there no graph paper programs?

There are lots of programs that print graph paper, but no program that is graph paper.

But I love graph paper, and it's very useful. It's a beautiful middle ground between raster graphics and CAD, and I couldn't find one, so I decided to write one.

Of course, starting isn't the same as finishing, and I have so many things to do..

Today I decided that I would polish my graph paper application as much as I could in a few hours and at least release it as 0.1.0. This way someone might be able to get some use out of it. Even if it isn't a very good graph paper application, maybe someone would make a better graph paper application from it, or maybe they would find something in it of use to them.

Interesting features:

  • Save/load format is YAML.
  • Scrollbars expand in whichever direction you scroll.
  • MVC-ish architecture, using GTK signals to communicate.


  • pygoocanvas.
  • python-yaml.
  • others that I conveniently forgot?..



  • graphpaper.png
  • graphpaper2.png

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