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These days almost all code is written on Github. My handle is glasserc. I'm fortunate in that during my time at Mozilla, a lot of my work touched on open source projects, so what's there should give you a good sense of who I am as a developer. Stuff from previous employers is generally not available.

For a while I did Project Euler questions for fun. I got up to problem 50. The solutions are available here; they may give you a good feel for how I write code "in the small". Additionally, here are a couple random standalone programs I wrote: fixing my EXIF tags; why Vala is not my favorite programming language.

Here are some open-source projects I have worked on professionally.

  • kinto: fixing re-entrancy and scalability issues (#1436, #1406, #1228 and #1235)
  • kinto.js: ongoing maintenance; ensuring correct behavior in the case of client-side encryption
  • kinto-http.js: ongoing maintenance; cleanups (see e.g. #180) and fixing test failures (such as #214)
  • canteven-log: added support for monad-logger and harmonized formats across hslogger and monad-logger
  • canteven-snap: lift all exported functions from Snap a to MonadSnap m => m a
  • eureka-client: initial implementation. Unfortunately this library is somewhat confusing and underdocumented, like the service it's designed to communicate with.
  • canteven-listen-http: implementation


In addition to actually writing software, I consider it important to share knowledge and experience with other developers and the wider software community. Some samples are here on my website.

At SumAll, I wrote a few pieces for the engineering blog they were starting. It's down now, but you can still find the text at least in the Wayback machine. In particular I believe the topmost article, "How do you review PRs?" highlights my ability to focus with meticulous detail on process or workflow issues.

Patches/bug fixes

Back when I was writing my first resume, it wasn't possible to just go to someone's Github page and see a chronological list of all the open source contributions they had made. To make it easier to find my work, I compiled this list of my most notable open source contributions. It's mostly been superseded these days, plus some of these contributions are 10+ years old and so don't have quite as much relevance as they did, but you may find it helpful especially for those contributions which (even today) are not on Github.

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