Betacantrips/ bits/ So Long 2P.P.!

To bid a fond farewell to our friends at 2 Player Productions, I had this cake printed. The graphic was original, but based pretty clearly on the design of the Nintendo Game Boy. Because I'm not an artist, it looks like crap. To spare other people the misfortune of having to create their own hideous Game Boy design, I decided I'd put up my version.

I did this in Inkscape to maximize scalability, and also because the operations for handling geometric primitives are better. Here's the SVG source.

I used the fonts Alpha Beta BRK and Nanosecond Thin from the aenigma font package, and the Bitstream Vera Sans font for the little bits everywhere else. My greatest regret is not using a monospace font for the actual on-screen text, even though it looks really cool.

My source image was this Gameboy photo.

Blue Sky design by Jonas John.